Research Studies and Surveys

  1. Action Research Design and Implementation
  2. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRAs)
  3. Participatory Learning and Action (PLA)
  4. Fact Finding Research Studies
  5. Prepare Feasibility Studies
  6. Develop Case Studies
  7. Socio-Economic, Political, Education, Agriculture and Market Surveys
  8. Surveys i.e. Baseline, Midline and End-line Surveys
  9. Data Management and Survey Processes
  10. Database Designing for Standard Data Entry Programs.
  11. Data Coding, Editing, Cleaning, validating, Verification, and Entry Processes.
  12. Tabulation and Analysis of Quantitative Data using SPSS and CSPro Software.
  13. Regional, provincial, national and international level surveys.
  14. Analysis and Report Preparation of every kind of surveys and studies.