Youth Employability

According to Pakistan's officials understanding, people between 15 to 29 years of age are youth, whereas the United Nations considers youth to those people who fall between the age brackets of 15-24 years. These comprise approximately 70 percent of the total population of Pakistan. Although youth have played a constructive role in social and economical transactions, academics have also noted a strong correlation between large youth populations and socio-economical stability, especially in developing countries.

Pakistan's educational system does a poor job of preparing young people for the workforce or teaching them to think critically. Civil society groups have been less active in providing spaces for youths and women to participate and engage in promotion of arts, culture, sports and tourism that increase tolerance, and respect for the society and national solidarity. Without a critical mass of young activists and leaders dedicated to promote a vision of a tolerant, peaceful, and democratic country.

Outcome/Strategic Objective
  • Capacitated & engaged youth in entrepreneurship development and self employment
  • Established linkages with micro-finance institutions and market hubs
  • Engaged youth in education, climate change, DRR, tourism, culture, sports and Gender Mainstreaming awareness campaign
Strategic Interventions
  • Signing of MOU with Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sindh
  • Signing of MOU with Social Welfare Department Government of Sindh
  • Certification with STEVTA and Trade Testing Board for Technical Skill Development courses for youth
  • Designing and imparting Vocational Skills Training of youth
  • Organizing different events for promotion of art, culture, tourism and sports youth
  • Organize awareness campaigns on climate change, education, DRR and Gender Mainstreaming in collaboration with different institutions/ organizations
Target Geographical Areas
  • 8 Districts of Sindh