CSSP at a Glance

The Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) is a non-profit civil society organization which emerged as a response to the challenges facing the civil society of Pakistan, with regards to the fight against poverty, social injustice, and governance issues. It was established in 2005 and received registration under Society Act. CSSP is aimed at socio-political transformation of citizens and institutions through organizing, educating, engaging and empowering citizens for a democratic, just and peaceful society. This will be achieved by diversifying the efforts of different stakeholders including youth, civil society organizations, media persons, academia, researchers, lawyers, trade unions, and elected representatives through lobbying and advocacy for policy reforms and implementation.


"A responsible citizenry & proactive democratic society".


"Socio-political transformation through organizing, educating, engaging and empowering citizens and institutions for a democratic, just and peaceful society".


"Building vibrant and democratic society wherein citizens & institutions actively contribute for socio-economic development and good governance."


Objective-01: Capacitated & engaged youth groups and organizations in building a democratic and just society.

Objective-02: Enhanced role of citizens and institutions for the improvement of education at policy & practice.

Objective-03: Increased responsiveness of citizens and institutions with integrated and participatory engagement.

Objective-04: Strengthened citizens and social watch groups to promote and protect basic human rights and inter-faith harmony.

Objective-05: Improved organizational governance, policies & practices with gender & environment sensitized culture and high performance team.