CSSP COVID-19 Response

As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, CSSP is working closely with the district administration and local populace to help the poorest and most marginalized communities as they face the rising tide of infections ahead. The CSSP teams, including its large force of volunteers, are reaching out to communities in Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Tharparkar, Sukkur and Shikarpur districts to deliver much needed assistance to curb the spread of the virus and help protect them from its socioeconomic impact. CSSP is assisting the communities during the pandemic by providing them awareness sessions on the gravity of the crises and what are the preventive measures. In addition, how the livelihood of the communities could be sustained through taking advantage of the prevailing crises. Some important activities of CSSP during the COVID-19 are highlighted below;

Coordination with District Government
  • Since the outbreak reported, CSSP is continuously in coordination with District administration of District Tharparkar, Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, and Sukkur.
  • CSSP provided list of youth volunteers to the district administration and the volunteers took active part in in the registration of government sponsored EHSAAS Kafalat Program.
  • The CSSP Volunteers supported district administration at EHSAAS Kafalat centers in maintaining the discipline/ SOP during the disbursement of cash grants and mobilized the people to keep social distancing.
  • The CSSP assisted Umerkot district administration at 03 EHSAAS Kafalat Programme centers by assigning the tasks to its volunteers to install drinking water stalls for the beneficiaries.
  • The CSSP volunteer were also part of the relief Committee constituted by the Sukkur district administration for identification of needy persons, maintaining record of the beneficiaries at UC/WARD and Municipal Town level. The committee was also responsible for ensuring the transparent distribution of ration bags at the doorstep of the targeted people and maintaining the social distancing and isolation of people to avoid COVID-19 health hazard.
  • CSSP established the quarantine center comprised 8 beds at Mithi, district Tharparkar. The district administration was informed to utilize it as and when required.

Distribution of Ration and COVID essentials
  • CSSP engaged members of Community Support Group (CSG) and its volunteers with the collaboration of district administration and philanthropists forthe distribution of ration among thecommunities at district Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Shikarpur, Umerkot, and Tharparkar
  • The Mohalla Committees and volunteer distributed the face masks, Sanitizers, Soaps, and Dettol bottles among poor people of community in the Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Shikarpur, Umerkot, and Tharparkar.
  • CSSP distributed about 5206 face masks, 908 hand sanitizers, 5,792 ration bags and total 16013 households were registered in EHSAAS kifalat program in district Umerkot, Tharpaprkar, Sukkur, Shikarpur and Mirpurkhas.

Awareness raising and capacity building
  • CSSP established an online group on the WhatsAppto share the updates of COVID-19 in the districts of Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Tharparkar and Sukkur.
  • CSSP formed a Youth volunteers group and provided them awareness sessions to respond in the emergency situation as per the WHO guidelines.
  • The Community Groups, Mohalla Committees and Volunteers associated with CSSP are active in their respective Union Councils and playing an active role through mobilizing the communities at local / Village level to stay safe at homes and take necessary preventive measures.
  • CSSP field teams conducted 210 sessions on awareness of COVID-19, prevention measures, importance of use of mask and hand washing.
  • CSSP Mirpurkhas developed IEC material and placed billboards on the main spots of the city for the awareness of COVID-19 in collaboration with the district administration.
  • CSSP Mirpurkhas developed and broadcasted FM radio messages. The recorded messages were by the Deputy Commissioner Mirpurkhas, Chairperson Sindh Commission of Status on Women and Secretary Women Development Department. The messages were in the local language and focused on awareness of COVID-19 and psycho-social support during the pandemic.
  • CSSP Sukkur, Umerkot and Tharparkar conducted the training course through Mobile Phone, WhatsApp and Social Media on awareness of COVID-19. The training course was attended by the CSSP district teams, Government Teachers, Volunteers and Mohalla Committee members.
  • CSSP organized one-day online training orientation of all its staff members on the awareness of COVID- 19 and SOPs compliance during the pandemic.

Economic Activities

Masks Preparations:
Men in the Taluka Shujabad (district Mirpurkhas) have been managing the economy of their households as daily wagers. Due to lock down situation arising out of COVID-19, there have been restrictions on earning through informal economy as daily wagers. The average family size of a household is 8-10 members. It created socio-economic difficulties for the Hindu vulnerable communities of the district Mirpurkhas. Though, various national and international organizations and governments had initiated emergency relief packages to contain the abject misery and poverty of low income households, it however required additional efforts to assist these vulnerable people to sustain their livelihood. The unusual circumstances brought in a ray of light for the 60 young girls and women of Hindu community who had learned stitching and learning skills from CSSP’s project, in partnership with NCA Pakistan, which focused on training women to uplift their socio-economic conditions. CSSP had initiated ROZGAR Centers (livelihood Centers) as a pilot project in 2019that could open up the space of decent livelihood opportunity for the young girls and women to empower them economically as that could indirectly contain the incidences of gender based violence.

After COVID-19 crises emerged, 60 young girls and women were provided cloth mask orders. The opportunity has been a blessing in disguise. Each young girl and women earns around 4-5 thousand (Pakistani Rupees) on monthly basis. This is the only source of income for 30 families during COVID-19. It has raised hopes for the young girls and women and has also reduced the daily domestic violence by the men in the families since these young girls and women are the sole bread winners during this COVID-19.